one year old

Sawyer’s First Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Sawyer’s first birthday! What?! I absolutely can’t believe it has already been a year since he was born! Where in the world did the time go? However, I feel so excited because he has learned so much and is always such a happy boy! It’s crazy how even the simplest things are so exciting when it is your own child. Something like pointing to an object may not seem like that big of a deal to most people but when you are the one to raise them and see them go through a phase of only eating, pooping and burping and all of a sudden they’re communicating! It’s HUGE!

Happy Birthday!

It’s very funny actually, I have recently noticed that there are many conversations like this in our house; Sawyer: “baadaaaaaaay.” Me to my husband: “oh my gosh…oh my gosh! Did you hear that? He said BATH TIME!!” My husband: “I think that’s a reach, hun.”

Happy Birthday!

At one year he is now walking, saying a few words, laughs all the time, points at things and is showing so much personality now! In fact, he is even getting a bit sassy. Giving dirty looks or yanking MY phone away from me when I try to take it back from him. He can be quite a stinker but he is SO much fun! I love spending my days with him.

1 Year Old! Happy First Birthday to my amazing little guy! ❤