green smoothie

Celery N’ Greens Fruit Smoothie

Green Smoothie

The idea for this smoothie came about partly because I was trying to switch up my green smoothies and partly because I was trying to think of a way to use up the rest of the celery in my fridge without just eating it plain ­čśŤ Hey, whatever works right?!

It was smoothie day in the Alex household! Some days I love making smoothies for Sawyer and I for lunch. I am just so ecstatic that he loves smoothies so that I can just make ONE thing and we can both share it. So easy! And also sneaks in those pesky veggies like spinach!

Getting right to the point today…

How to make:

Green Smoothie

Celery N’ Greens Fruit Smoothie

-2 large stalks celery

-handful of spinach

-one banana

-1 Cup chopped pineapple

1/4 Cup yogurt

1/4 Cup pineapple juice (more if you need more liquid to smooth out the smoothie)

-handful of ice


Chop celery fairly small so that it is easier to blend up. Add everything to the blender. Blend well. To smoothen out even more so that you don’t have spinach chunks try adding a bit more ice and liquid and blending again for about a minute.





Apple N’ Greens Kids Smoothie

Apple N' Greens Smoothie

Smoothies have been a great go-to lunch option lately! Of course, I’ll admit sometimes it is much easier to throw together a quick sandwich or hotdog but most of the time I try to be more healthy and my son is my biggest motivation for that! So…GREENS! Super hard to get kids to eat, right?! Turn to smoothies, it will work! Even smoothies that are visibly green or maybe even a little gross looking are some of the tastiest smoothies! Throw some spinach or something in a smoothie and you really can’t even tell at all! Needless to say, don’t even mention that it’s in there and they won’t even know!

I whipped up this one the other day, kind of just trying to use stuff I had around the house. I realized that for some reason I have never used apples in a smoothie before. I don’t know why because it sounds great to me!

Apple N' Greens Smoothie

Apple N’ Greens Smoothie


What to use:

-half of an apple (peeled and cored)

-one banana

-handful of kale

-favorite yogurt of your choice (if making a baby smoothie, use whole milk yogurt. I use Stonyfield YoBaby)

-Splash of coconut water



Add everything to the blender and blend well!!

Apple N' Greens Smoothie

I accidentally used way to much kale this time so it was pretty chunky :-/┬áSurprisingly enough, Sawyer gobbled it down anyway! Works for me! (By the way, I did not use all of the kale in the picture! Just use one stalk or so…that would be waaay excessive :P)

Try this one out, the apples are great in it!

Enjoy ­čÖé


Apple N' Greens Smoothie