Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper Baby Food Puree

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper

Turkey is a very healthy meat option, especially for babies. I knew it wouldn’t have a very great taste on its own though so I decided to pair it with orange bell peppers. Green or yellow bell pepper would probably be just as good. My son was not a huge fan of pureed chicken. I have gotten him to eat only a total of a couple bites out of the multiple times I have given it to him. He is now having a more “I can do this myself mom” attitude apparently because he is starting to not really want a whole lot to do with purees all together. So I have now been starting to wean him off and give him more and more table foods and he is doing great! This turkey and bell pepper recipe he did like a bit better though and would be great if your baby is still a bit younger or isn’t eating actual table foods yet.

My son’s pediatrician recommended starting meats at around 9 months but you could talk to your own pediatrician to get their recommendation.

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper


Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper


How I made it:

-1lb ground turkey

-1 orange bell pepper

-water or breastmilk


Start browning the meat in a large skillet. While browning the meat, wash the bell pepper off and cut into small pieces. Make sure to get the ends cut off and the middle cut out along with the seeds. Steam the bell pepper for about 10 minutes. Finish browning the meat and then drain. Let everything cool a bit and add to your blender. Since you’re using meat this one will take quite a bit of liquid. Add your water/breastmilk a small amount at a time while blending in between until you have reached desired consistency.

…and that’s it!

This puree actually smelled and tasted really good!! I would eat this myself if it wasn’t pureed of course 😛

This made 5 – 4oz jars for me.




What Kind of Baby Food Do You Make?

babyfood2After posting a variety of ideas and recipes lately on making your own homemade baby food, I wondered…what kinds of ideas do you have?


Any good recipe ideas?

Things that work well together, things that don’t?


Funny stories of feeding your baby?


Share your ideas! I love getting ideas and tips from others 🙂


My son (he is almost 10 months already!) has branched out and it starting to eat a lot more foods of different textures and even eating pieces of food that my husband and I are eating. It is becoming more and more fun now that he is not just simply eating purees. He is starting to eat sandwiches (given in bites), green beans, rice, noodles and other cooked veggies. It also makes things sooo much easier when trying to go out to eat at a restaurant. He keeps much more occupied when we can feed him some things that we are eating as well. The other day my husband let him try lemon…ooooh man did he make quite the sour face!! To my surprise, he wasn’t upset though. In fact, he kept leaning in for more! But would make the same head-shaking sour face every time and then smile!


Again, I’d love to hear any of your stories or ideas for homemade baby food! Comment!




Asparagus-Yellow Squash Baby Food Puree

Asparagus-Yellow Squash

I just made this one the other day and my son loves it!

I’ve especially been switching things up when thinking of new veggies to cook for my son. Thankfully he is normally a wonderful eater but on the occasions where he does act a bit picky, it is usually with veggies. Most of the time I think that it is because of the texture since many of the veggies end up a bit grainy. So I’ve been trying new ones out to find what he likes best so that he still gets plenty of veggies. I am also a big fan of sneaking healthy veggies in. Many veggies or even some fruits that I prepare I like to add spinach or kale since it doesn’t have a lot of flavor but adds a lot of nutrients.

Asparagus-Yellow Squash

What I used:

-2 yellow squash

-1 whole bunch of asparagus



Rinse both veggies well. Cut the ends off of the asparagus spears (not the heads but the other end) and cut into smaller chunks. Cut ends off of the squash as well and cut into smaller chunks. Steam both veggies for 15 minutes. If you decide not to steam, I suggest cooking the asparagus in a skillet with olive oil or coconut oil. The squash could also be prepared that way or by boiling. Steaming preserves the nutrients best.

Add everything to the blender and blend well. Add some water (you may have to do this a couple of times until you get the consistency you want) and blend again until smooth!

Asparagus-Yellow Squash

See?! So simple! Making homemade baby food does NOT have to be difficult. Plus you get to know exactly what is in the food that you are feeding your baby. Not to mention saving money!