Kids Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Babies eating solids, toddlers and kids on up!! It’s sometimes a struggle to make a healthy meal first thing in the morning. If your child is anything like my son, he wants food RIGHT when he wakes up. Gee….I wonder where he gets that from 😉 So this was my attempt at giving myself some motivation to switch it up with healthy options. It’s so easy to just grab a yogurt or make a quick piece of buttered toast, which I’m learning is just going to have to be okay sometimes! But I also want to make an effort to give my son healthy eating habits.

It can be hard serving kids healthy meals when they are picky! Especially toddlers who love something one day and are totally disgusted by the exact same thing the next! My son is so hard to feed sometimes. One night he CHOWED down on sesame chicken, white rice and crab rangoons (I was shocked to say the least!) and the next night turned his nose up over simple spaghetti. Anyway…I do my best with feeding him healthy meals as much as I can!

What’s nice about these breakfast ideas is that they are really simple! Nothing too complicated or time consuming here!

Simple Breakfasts:

1) Simple buttered toast with slices of avocado.

One of the easiest! My go-to breakfast with my son.

2) Breakfast pancake muffins with grapes.

These pancake muffins were so easy to make and you can make them up ahead of time, stick them in the fridge or freezer and simply pop one out anytime you want! To see my recipe for them click HERE. You can add in anything you want such as blueberries, banana, spinach, etc.

3) Oatmeal and blueberries.

Bananas are a great add-in as well along with some cinnamon. Another one of my son’s favorites. He’s OBSESSED with blueberries. I prefer using plain cooked rolled oats versus instant oatmeal and just adding in whatever I want.


4) Scrambled eggs and kiwi.

Also quick and easy!

5) Peanut toast and oranges

Make faces or fun pictures out of food to make it look more fun and appealing! I look forward to my son actually being old enough to appreciate fun things like this! 😛

6) Pineapple shaped pancakes w/ chocolate chips and bananas

Obviously they don’t have to be pineapple shaped! But have fun with it and make pancakes into shapes or characters! This is definitely not a talent of mine. I’ve seen videos where people make faces or detailed images with pancakes…crazy!

7) Eggs (switch it up from scrambled!) with cantaloupe and pineapple!

8) Avocado toast and yogurt

If you’re using an avocado that is in a really soft stage (or you can just mash it up) its perfect for spreading on toast. It’s considered a healthy fat and a super food!



9) Strawberries and pancakes!

Clearly I just like making faces out of food! I think I’m still a kid myself! Switch it up with waffles too! Add fruit or shredded spinach for added nutrients as well.

Another fantastic option…Smoothies!!! Here are some great smoothie recipes!

Blueberry – Pear Smoothie

Berry Avocado Chia Smoothie

Celery N’ Greens Fruit Smoothie

Click on Healthy Smoothies in the menu for more smoothie ideas!



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Harem Pants


Harem Pants

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Homemade Orange Gummy Bears

Orange Gummy Bears

Okay, it has definitely been way too long since I have done any blog posts! It is so difficult to keep up with everything but I’m doing my very best! I’ve really been focusing on my new Etsy shop lately, however, I really enjoy the blog so I want to keep it up to date as best I can!

As I have mentioned previously, I am probably going to be going crazy with making all different kinds of homemade gummy bears and fruit snacks since it was such a hit with my son! Such a perfect snack and a much healthier alternative to store bought.

These orange gummy bears are exactly as it sounds, full of orange goodness! I thought they tasted great and so did my son!

How to make:

Orange Gummy Bears

Homemade Orange Gummy Bears


– 1/2 Cup orange puree (use 1 large orange to get approximately this amount)

– 1/2 Cup Orange juice

– 3 Tbsp powdered gelatin

– 1 Tbsp honey

Peel and slice the orange and blend well in the blender. No need to add any liquid since there is already enough liquid in it to puree it well. Measure out 1/2 cup of the puree and set aside. Heat juice along with gelatin in a small saucepan for about 5 minutes while stirring. Do not bring to a boil. Add juice mixture to the puree slowly while stirring. Add 1 Tbsp honey and stir it in well. You could add any other add ins you would like as well such as chia seeds for example! Poor into a pan wide enough so that the gelatin mixture is fairly thin. An 8×8 pan works well. Let mixture set in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. Cut into gummy bear shapes or any other small cookie cutter shapes you want!

That’s it! Quick and easy. Best of all, this recipe just uses honey for a sweetener to make it that much more healthier for those little tummies! Remember not to give honey to babies under one year old.



New Slouchy Beanies Available

Slouchy Beanies

I’ve added a few new patterns for the reversible slouchy beanies!! Available in sizes newborn – 5/6T.


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Dr. Seuss – Cat in the Hat – 1st Birthday Party!

First Birthday Party

Oh what fun, Sawyer is one!! This is a bit overdue since he turned one on the 10th but I figure, better late than never!

We had a blast throwing Sawyer his very first birthday party! It was so much fun since both sides of grandparents could both come! With living so far away from everyone, that sure doesn’t happen very often! You could really tell that Sawyer was loving all of the attention, almost like he knew that the day was all about him. I knew that I wanted to do a Dr. Seuess – Cat in the Hat theme because he has so many of the books and loves the “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” TV show. He grins and dances every time it comes on!


First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

I was so excited to make all kinds of food and especially his very first cake! I decided to make him his own smash cake and then make cupcakes for everyone else! I even made “Green Eggs & Ham” by making the filling inside of deviled eggs green and making ham wrapped pickle rolls to go along with. My husband and I came up with some cute “Seusical” names for name tags for the food. We had things like:

Punchalafizzer (Punch)

Green Eggs & Ham

Oodles of Noodles (Pasta Salad)

Trufulla Trees (Veggies)

Barbaloot Fruits

And a few others too. It was fun and really brought out the kids in us! Well…that doesn’t really take a lot 😛

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party


For the cupcakes I made Thing 1 & Thing 2 inspired cupcakes. The use of cotton candy for blue hair wasn’t really my own idea…I had seen this on Pinterest a few times! I made red velvet cake and a vanilla buttercream icing toped with blue cotton candy. Then glued on little circles to the paper but instead of saying Thing 1 & Thing 2 it said “Sawyer is 1.” Little tip, if you ever want to make cupcakes with cotton candy on top, make sure to put the cotton candy on shortly before serving. Luckily I did this so it worked out okay but after sitting for awhile the cotton candy kind of just dissolves into blue crystals on the cupcakes. This oddly enough worked out and gave it a nice texture anyway! I think it just depends on what the humidity is at and the fact that it is sitting in icing.

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

For Sawyer’s smash cake I made a white cake (Okay, I’ll admit it, I used boxed cake! But hey, I didn’t have a lot of time and to be honest, I think boxed cake tastes delicious!) iced with vanilla buttercream. For the buttercream I just used 1 C butter, powdered sugar, 2 tsp vanilla and milk. For the powdered sugar and milk I didn’t really measure. I just added until it all mixed together with a good taste and consistency. I made the Thing 1 & Thing 2 characters by melting white chocolate and adding color to it. The chocolate tends to harden back up a bit when you add food coloring so I added just a tiny bit of coconut oil and it melts it right back up really smooth. I had printed the characters out on paper and layed wax paper over top so that I could see the characters through it. Then I just piped the melted chocolate on the wax paper tracing the characters. I wasn’t sure if it would turn out or not but they ended up looking great!

First Birthday Party

The funniest part about the whole party was Sawyer eating his cake! We literally just sat and watched him for so long! We sang him Happy Birthday, blew out his candle and then gave him his cake. I kind of expected him to be a bit iffy about it because he doesn’t like getting gooey things all over his hands. But I mean c’mon, it’s CAKE! So I thought he’d be diving in at least a little! Nope, after nearly poking it he already has a completely disgusted look on his face! My husband goes and grabs a baby fork and to my amazement he actually uses it! He sits there and eats his cake with a fork! I love that little stinker so much!

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party




Birthday Pancakes!

Birthday Pancakes

Today is my son’s very FIRST birthday!! I wanted to start out the day extra special by making him some birthday pancakes!

These were super quick and easy to make and taste delicious too! Of course I knew he would only have a few bites so…oh, darn! More for mommy! 😛


Pomegranate Birthday Pancakes N’ Berries

For the pancakes I just used a simple plain pancake recipe from found HERE.



Birthday Pancakes

Birthday Pancakes

Here is the recipe from Food Network Kitchen



-1 C flour

-1 Tbsp Sugar

-1tsp baking powder

-1/2tsp baking soda

-dash of salt

-1 C buttermilk

-1 egg

-3 Tbsp melted butter


Beat all ingredients together well. Heat up a skillet sprayed with non-stick spray. Pour small amounts of pancake batter into the pan at a time. I added sprinkles to each pancake. Add whatever fruit or toppings you would like! I chose strawberries and blueberries! Blueberries are my son’s absolute favorite so he of course picked all of those off right away! I think he would just continue to eat blueberries for as long as I gave them to him!


For the syrup I reduced pomegranate juice (bring to a simmer until it reaches a syrupy consistency) then added maple syrup for a pomegranate maple syrup. I had never tried this before (usually just stick to good ol’ maple syrup) but it was really delicious!



Birthday Pancakes









Birthday Pancakes




Getting Into Things

What I am about to say, I still can’t believe…Sawyer is starting to walk! WALK! Okay, how in the world did that happen?! Wasn’t I just bringing him home from the hospital? It is only a week and a half away from his first birthday. No doubt, that will be an exciting yet teary day!

He isn’t fully walking yet or standing up on his own but he will take a few steps after letting go of my hand. Everyone always says, “ooh boy, now you will really have your hands full!” Which, is true but thankfully Sawyer is a mega crawler…super fast, stands up on everything, climbs everything ands gets into eeeverything! So hopefully that has accustomed me to the “having my hands full” stage even if just a little bit 😛

The dvd’s is a big thing to get into right now. They are low and easy to access and I haven’t thought of a new place to put them. To be honest, half the time I just let him pull them all (and I do mean ALL) out of the shelves and play with them. I mean, he’s sitting there entertained for a good amount of time and not harming anything…go for it! But the other struggle, dog food. Oh my goodness the dog food!!! Is anyone else’s child obsessed with dog food?! We have a huge great dane so his bowls stand up from the ground. It all started with him standing up to the bowls and digging his hands all in his food and putting it in his mouth. Gross. So finally I’ve been putting the bowls up if he is venturing around and playing. So that helps. But now the problem is he somehow finds any itty bitty piece of dog food crumb on the flood. Doesn’t matter how much I sweep or vacuum. He will find it! And yet, won’t touch the perfectly clean and cooked peas I try to feed him, go figure.

As crazy as things can be with a little one crawling around, it is my  favorite thing in the world! He is so entertaining, makes me laugh and I am constantly having new stories to tell ❤




How Quickly the Time Goes

Enjoy the Little Things

Today I really just feel the need to write an update on how my little guy is doing. He is well over 10 months now and growing insanely fast. I swear every day I look over at him and can visibly see how he has grown in just a day! He is learning something new every single day and it amazes me! From waving and blowing kisses to saying “dada” and (FINALLY) “Mom!”

This photo was taken this last weekend. We went downtown for the day since my mother-in-law and Aunt were in town visiting. I can’t believe how blue his eyes are!! Mine are dark brown so he definitely gets his eyes from dad 🙂

I try to cherish every moment with him because I know that everything is already going by way too fast. It’s funny, really, because that is what I heard over and over again when I was pregnant. Everyone always has advice and tips one of them always being “Enjoy it, because it goes by way too fast!” I feel like this is something that I haven’t truly come to understand until actually having a child. Not that I’m super experienced…I’m not. I mean, come on, I have one child only 10 months old. I am not the most experienced mother out there but even then, I can still tell you that it is ALREADY going by way too quickly.

It is easy to get sucked into things we are working on in our busy lives so my main goal is to stop and pay attention and enjoy the little things 🙂




Nautical Baby Room

Nautical Nursery

I’ve been wanting to post photos of my son’s room for awhile now! Keep in mind, some of them may look a bit different since some are from our previous house. Since we moved when my son was only 2 months old, I set up his room pretty much the exact same way once we moved into our current home. I knew right from the start as soon as my husband and I found out that we were going to have a boy that I wanted to do a nautical nursery. I got all of the inspiration since my husband is in the Navy and works on a submarine. So naturally I wanted to incorporate submarines too!

I went with mostly deep red and navy blue for his room and really loved how it all turned out! I am so in love with anchors and all kinds of nautical stuff!

Nautical Nursery

Our son’s name is Sawyer and I definitely wanted his name above his crib somehow so I decided to make some letters myself. I love being crafty so not only did it give me a cheaper decoration to go above his crib but it also gave me something fun to do in the days leading up to my son being born. These letters were super simple. I bought some paper mache letters, which you can get really cheap at most craft stores. I kept having bad luck by going in to the store and every single time, all the letters that I needed were completely out! Grrr! Finally, I just ended up ordering them online.

I decided that I wanted to use maps for the face of the letters. You could use anything you wanted, photo printed on regular paper, magazine pages, or even just use paint. I wanted to use maps because I thought that it was nautical, plus I really just love the look of maps! To put a little more meaning into it, I used maps from places we have been. This was when we were still living in Hawaii so I picked up a Hawaii atlas and cut out the letters from pages where we have been on each of the islands. I really LOVE how these turned out!

After cutting out the letters (I just set the paper mache letter down on the map where I wanted it, traced it and then cut it out) I painted mod podge all over the face of the letter. Then I placed the paper down right where I wanted it and coated the top with another layer of mod podge. Make sure to let it dry well. Then I just painted the sides of the letters a dark gray to finish it off.

Nautical Nursery

I got a lot of stuff from Etsy when putting this room together. The crib skirt, teething guard, Navy uniform blanket and Boppy cover all came from different Etsy shops. I even had a cover for the changing pad that matched the Boppy cover, which I love and still use. I originally got the teething guard to look cute and tie everything together but now that my son is 10 months old and standing, it is really coming in handy since he puts his mouth and new teeth all over it!

Nautical Nursery

Getting crafty again!! I made this mobile using plush submarines from a local shop and making felt balls and hanging them with string from painted wooden rods. Not going to lie, this took me forever! But I love it, my son loves it…and it is still in his room over his changing pad! Click here for decorative felt ball tutorial photos that I used from

Nautical Nursery

Also painted two canvases and this is one of them. As you can tell I was really feeling crafty 🙂

Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery

I had so much fun decorating, crafting and putting all of this together. I also have two cubical shelves that have felt drawers and are also used for the tons and TONS of books that he has. At this point he mostly just has a blast ripping them all off the shelves right now 🙂


Nautical Nursery


Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper Baby Food Puree

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper

Turkey is a very healthy meat option, especially for babies. I knew it wouldn’t have a very great taste on its own though so I decided to pair it with orange bell peppers. Green or yellow bell pepper would probably be just as good. My son was not a huge fan of pureed chicken. I have gotten him to eat only a total of a couple bites out of the multiple times I have given it to him. He is now having a more “I can do this myself mom” attitude apparently because he is starting to not really want a whole lot to do with purees all together. So I have now been starting to wean him off and give him more and more table foods and he is doing great! This turkey and bell pepper recipe he did like a bit better though and would be great if your baby is still a bit younger or isn’t eating actual table foods yet.

My son’s pediatrician recommended starting meats at around 9 months but you could talk to your own pediatrician to get their recommendation.

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper


Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper

Turkey-Orange Bell Pepper


How I made it:

-1lb ground turkey

-1 orange bell pepper

-water or breastmilk


Start browning the meat in a large skillet. While browning the meat, wash the bell pepper off and cut into small pieces. Make sure to get the ends cut off and the middle cut out along with the seeds. Steam the bell pepper for about 10 minutes. Finish browning the meat and then drain. Let everything cool a bit and add to your blender. Since you’re using meat this one will take quite a bit of liquid. Add your water/breastmilk a small amount at a time while blending in between until you have reached desired consistency.

…and that’s it!

This puree actually smelled and tasted really good!! I would eat this myself if it wasn’t pureed of course 😛

This made 5 – 4oz jars for me.