My Family


This is my wonderful little family! My husband is in the Navy and we have an amazing 1 year old boy! This is one of the last photos of us taken in Hawaii where my husband was stationed on a sub. We are now in South Carolina and love it! We love being together and spending time as a family. I love making everything homemade and coming up with fun and healthy meal ideas for kids! I also do smoothies, canning/preserving and am always thinking of new and creative ways to entertain my little guy as he becomes more and more adventurous. Follow along for fun kids ideas! I also have my own shop called Whippersnappers currently on Etsy. Click the “Etsy Shop” tab to find out more!




IMG_4835 This is my little guy!! His name is Sawyer and I can literally see him growing right before my very eyes! He is always so smiley and giggly…he completely brightens my day!


Look at these two goof balls! We also have a Great Dane, his name is Eko. These guys play all the time and are hilarious to watch!

First Birthday Party

Enjoy my blog, thoughts & ideas!