Whippersnappers: Adding New Items Soon!

I am still in the very early stages of finally setting up an Etsy shop! So I am doing my best to keep up with blog posts but it has gotten a bit more difficult! I only have a few items in my shop right now but will be adding more designs as well as completely new items as well…very soon! Also on the way as I write this is a couple more toddler sizes. Click on my “Etsy Shop” tab in my blog menu or click HERE to check out my shop and keep checking back for more items on the way. Thank you for the support!

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

I’ve had so much fun taking photos of my little guy in the shirts I have made! It is so fun just to know that I made it! 🙂 Plus, come on…how adorable is he in those sunglasses?! I may be biased since he is my own son but that’s just plain cute!

Explore Your Imagination

Explore Your Imagination

Help spread the word to anyone who may be interested in my shop. It is tough getting started but also a lot of fun along the way!

Whippersnappers also has a Facebook page, Pinterest page and an Instagram account! You can find the link to these in the right column of the blog.

Thank you!!




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