Apple-Plum Baby Puree

Apple-Plum Puree

Even though Sawyer is eating mostly whole foods, picking things up on his own and eating what my husband and I are eating, I do still make a few fruit and veggie purees. I haven’t completely stopped making baby food purees because I sometimes use them to mix into things and also use a puree every morning to mix into his baby cereal. He is still eating baby cereal for breakfast for the iron he needs so I switch it up between the oatmeal, rice & multigrain. I still can’t help but think it is so bland though so I always mix stuff in. He especially loves the fruits but I love mixing in veggies too to give him a little extra for the day. Now that he is eating and chewing foods on his own he is a bit more picky about veggies! :/ So this helps a lot! So here is a super easy one I made the other day.

Apple-Plum Puree


Apple-Plum Puree

Apple – Plum Baby Puree

How I made it:

-5 ripe plums

-5 large apples

Rinse off apples and plums. Peel and core the apples, cut them into pieces and boil in water in a pot for about 10 minutes. Peel and core the plums and add them to the blender. Once the apples are done let them cool a bit and rinse with cooler water. Add them to the blender as well. They both have enough of their own juices so you shouldn’t need to add any liquid. Blend well and that’s it!! See, super easy! This made about 10 – 4oz jars for me. I like to freeze the extras so it lasts longer.


Apple-Plum Puree


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