Day: January 28, 2015

How Quickly the Time Goes

Enjoy the Little Things

Today I really just feel the need to write an update on how my little guy is doing. He is well over 10 months now and growing insanely fast. I swear every day I look over at him and can visibly see how he has grown in just a day! He is learning something new every single day and it amazes me! From waving and blowing kisses to saying “dada” and (FINALLY) “Mom!”

This photo was taken this last weekend. We went downtown for the day since my mother-in-law and Aunt were in town visiting. I can’t believe how blue his eyes are!! Mine are dark brown so he definitely gets his eyes from dad 🙂

I try to cherish every moment with him because I know that everything is already going by way too fast. It’s funny, really, because that is what I heard over and over again when I was pregnant. Everyone always has advice and tips one of them always being “Enjoy it, because it goes by way too fast!” I feel like this is something that I haven’t truly come to understand until actually having a child. Not that I’m super experienced…I’m not. I mean, come on, I have one child only 10 months old. I am not the most experienced mother out there but even then, I can still tell you that it is ALREADY going by way too quickly.

It is easy to get sucked into things we are working on in our busy lives so my main goal is to stop and pay attention and enjoy the little things 🙂