Nautical Baby Room

Nautical Nursery

I’ve been wanting to post photos of my son’s room for awhile now! Keep in mind, some of them may look a bit different since some are from our previous house. Since we moved when my son was only 2 months old, I set up his room pretty much the exact same way once we moved into our current home. I knew right from the start as soon as my husband and I found out that we were going to have a boy that I wanted to do a nautical nursery. I got all of the inspiration since my husband is in the Navy and works on a submarine. So naturally I wanted to incorporate submarines too!

I went with mostly deep red and navy blue for his room and really loved how it all turned out! I am so in love with anchors and all kinds of nautical stuff!

Nautical Nursery

Our son’s name is Sawyer and I definitely wanted his name above his crib somehow so I decided to make some letters myself. I love being crafty so not only did it give me a cheaper decoration to go above his crib but it also gave me something fun to do in the days leading up to my son being born. These letters were super simple. I bought some paper mache letters, which you can get really cheap at most craft stores. I kept having bad luck by going in to the store and every single time, all the letters that I needed were completely out! Grrr! Finally, I just ended up ordering them online.

I decided that I wanted to use maps for the face of the letters. You could use anything you wanted, photo printed on regular paper, magazine pages, or even just use paint. I wanted to use maps because I thought that it was nautical, plus I really just love the look of maps! To put a little more meaning into it, I used maps from places we have been. This was when we were still living in Hawaii so I picked up a Hawaii atlas and cut out the letters from pages where we have been on each of the islands. I really LOVE how these turned out!

After cutting out the letters (I just set the paper mache letter down on the map where I wanted it, traced it and then cut it out) I painted mod podge all over the face of the letter. Then I placed the paper down right where I wanted it and coated the top with another layer of mod podge. Make sure to let it dry well. Then I just painted the sides of the letters a dark gray to finish it off.

Nautical Nursery

I got a lot of stuff from Etsy when putting this room together. The crib skirt, teething guard, Navy uniform blanket and Boppy cover all came from different Etsy shops. I even had a cover for the changing pad that matched the Boppy cover, which I love and still use. I originally got the teething guard to look cute and tie everything together but now that my son is 10 months old and standing, it is really coming in handy since he puts his mouth and new teeth all over it!

Nautical Nursery

Getting crafty again!! I made this mobile using plush submarines from a local shop and making felt balls and hanging them with string from painted wooden rods. Not going to lie, this took me forever! But I love it, my son loves it…and it is still in his room over his changing pad! Click here for decorative felt ball tutorial photos that I used from

Nautical Nursery

Also painted two canvases and this is one of them. As you can tell I was really feeling crafty 🙂

Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery

I had so much fun decorating, crafting and putting all of this together. I also have two cubical shelves that have felt drawers and are also used for the tons and TONS of books that he has. At this point he mostly just has a blast ripping them all off the shelves right now 🙂


Nautical Nursery


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