Day: November 20, 2014

Berry-Avocado Chia Smoothie

 I tried out a new smoothie combination today and I have to say, it turned out quite delicious! Wasn’t exactly sure if avocado would go well in this smoothie, but it really does! 

Berry Avocado Smoothie


I was on a smoothie kick for a really long time and trying out all sorts of recipes and combinations. I always feel better about myself when I make smoothies, especially when I make them for my lunch since they are so nutritious. Not to mention, I always have that fall back later in the day when I grab a handful of chocolate. “Uhh I shouldn’t eat this….but I did have that smoothie for lunch!” 😉

However, with being busy I haven’t been making them lately so I am trying to get back into it! Kind of tricky though since the weather has been getting really cold, which doesn’t make a cold smoothie sound very appetizing! 

Here’s what I did!

-half of an avocado
-1/2 Cup blueberries
-1/4 Cup raspberries
-handful of spinach
-1/2 Cup greek yogurt
-2 tsp chia seeds
-3/4 Cup coconut water

Add ice to your blender. Add everything else and BLEND! I added a lot of ice so needed to add more coconut water. So a little tip, if you’re not a super huge coconut water fan but need to add more liquid, try adding some additional milk or juice instead of extra coconut water or else the taste is very apparent. 

There you have it! A delicious Berry-Avocado Chia Smoothie! The chia seeds add a really nice texture. You could even add a bit more if you want. I don’t usually like chunks in smoothies but these are not bad at all!