Day: November 18, 2014

You Have To Start Somewhere…

I realized that I have been thinking way too hard for far too long on what to write my first blog post on. Then I realized; it doesn’t really matter. It is easy to have anxiety about being judged or putting yourself out there but in the end, it doesn’t really matter what other people think.

As my son is napping in his crib this afternoon (a time that I cherish every day!) with butt in the air and all, I finally have the time to relax. Oh, wait…I’m a mom and that never ends! How I even found the time to start this blog, I don’t even know! Doesn’t every mom strive to be super mom? I want to do everything and do it perfectly. But the fact of the matter is…that is just not going to happen.

There are many things (including starting this blog) that I have wanted to do for a while now but then always find excuses that hold me back. My goal is to stop letting things hold me back and go for it! I firmly believe that if you wait for the perfect opportunity to do something, it will never happen. My son is in the process of learning to stand and as he falls time and time again, he is an adventurous little guy and always gets right back up! He doesn’t give up on something that he is determined to do…why should I?

So therefore, welcome to Whippersnappers! This is a mommy blog. Get advice, ideas, and recipes or ask questions about your very own little whippersnappers! I am a first time, stay-at-home mom making homemade baby food, creating crafts, brainstorming kid-friendly activities and learning as I go! I want to share my ideas and help other mommies as well!

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